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    The goal of each treatment and washing of plastic is that of obtain , at the end of the process, a material washed, dried and above all homogeneous .
    The purity of the output material is determined by various factors, such as the type and degree of contamination of the plastic materials that they are entered into the machinery and by the quality of the separation process .

    Thanks to the flotation , which places its foundations on the specific weight of the materials, we are able to separate many types of plastics ; in fact, materials with specific weight or higher or lower than that of water are differentiated to be then re-used.
    Italrec designs and builds flotation tanks that allow to separate and recover both types of plastics , i.e. both floating (with specific weight greater than 1; normally POLYOLEFIN based) and sinking (specific weight less than 1; STYRENE, PVC or PET based).

    Multiple simulated studies conducted in the laboratory have led our designers to pay meticulous attention to various factors such as geometry , the size , the type of aspi , the passage sections and many other details of a technical nature. Thanks to these precautions and to the high dexterity of our carpentry , we guarantee a excellent quality and purity of the finished product.