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    Paper Mills


    Special Paper Mills

    The special line of treatment of the waste Italrec's pulper paper mill is currently the only system tested and certified capable of solving the problem newspaper that paper mills have to face: the high management costs caused by the conferment in landfills of an enormous quantity of waste resulting from the production waste of paper and cardboard.

    Italrec srl

    The best solution at the right price.

    The pulper waste is made up of multiple elements that derive from the particular processing that the mixture undergoes during transformation in the plant.
    For example there are materials that are not very compatible with each other , currently almost impossible to separate and therefore intended to be treated as a single waste to be delivered in landfill , with large charges for the disposal and important effects on the economic balance of the paper mill . In fact, the transport costs due to the residual presence of water are high. Comparing with multiple paper mills , we came to the conclusion that by disposing of this production waste, they also lost those materials that could represent a raw material ( paper fiber ) and valuable products to be put back on the market (such as polyolefin plastics and metals ).

    “ The one thing you can't recycle is lost time. ”

    Italrec srl

    By applying our know-how in the field of waste separation and differentiation, in Italrec we have studied and tested a system that allows to separate the various elements output from the production, reducing the percentages of waste and consequently the costs for the transfer of non-recyclable material..

    Beyond 90% of what before was considered waste , thanks to the our system it is now recovered or as raw material for the paper mill itself, or as a material that can be transferred at no cost and can even be sold on the market . The high use of waste paper in the paper sector in a country like ours, historically lacking in raw materials, makes the paper and cardboard collection-recovery chain a strategic sector for the industry. To stay on more concrete figures, the recycling of 1 ton of paper and cardboard allows the saving of 2 tons of carbon dioxide.

    20th Century Revolution

    We believe that our solution is to be considered innovative, comparable to a revolution for its high yield capacity and both economic and environmental savings.

    Italrec Srl
    Italrec Srl

    Innovative Solution

    Why choose our PULPER solution ?

    Italrec srl


    Download the file and calculate the costs / benefits of our PULPER solution. The simulator can be updated without notice. For any information or clarification we ask you to contact our Technical Department.
    For viewing and use it is necessary to have the MICROSOFT EXCEL® software version 2013 or higher.