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    Accessories DEC

    The technical office Italrec designs accessories dedicated to the optimization of the DEC® system . These accessories aim at energy saving by helping maximize production efficiency of the machine and of the entire previous and / or next line. The dosing tape is equipped with a connective module , capable of receiving signals command directly from the DEC® pulpit.

    The output material from the densifier can be subsequently processed in other machines, guaranteeing the customer a wide range of semi-finished products .
    The DEC® allows the user of to download the material directly in a extruder , using a flanging kit we can connect in fact the two machines , obtaining a production cycle never used in the past.

    The calender , equipped with adjustable rollers completely machined from solid , presses the molten material to a constant customizable thickness. Subsequently cooling belts with integrated high-flow fans gradually cool down the material.
    The Customer can also choose to obtain the densified material in a different format , usually intended for granulation , by equipping the DEC® with the dedicated cutting system .