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    Densifier DEC

    The “DEC” ® continuous extruder densifier is a patented machine that finds multiple applications not only in the plastic sector , but is also perfectly suited to the processing of combined or waste materials . This machine was born as a densifier for non-rigid plastics, designed with the aim of to reduce the percentage of residual moisture , reducing consequently weight and volume, obtaining a considerable economic savings in terms of logistics and transport.
    Later it was modified and implemented until it became the incomparable tool and essential for all those processes that no other machine , as of today, is able to do..

    A dosing system and controlled feeding, two screws co-rotating machined from solid with a particular coating and a special patented valve , make DEC the ideal machine not only for laminate films or packaging, but above all for work and enhance those plastic that are normally considered non-recyclable waste.

    In its special laminating chamber you can work:

  • - Materials with very high residual moisture (up to 35-40%)
  • - PLASMIX (COREPLA reject, food packaging and multi-layer )
  • - Heterogeneous waste or for the production of Eco-fuels (RDF)
  • - Composite materials (blend of wood-plastic, rubber-plastic)
  • - Processing waste (Car Fluff , plastics RAEE , plastics from Pulper )
  • - Products that are difficult to separate (such as tank bottoms, powders, etc.)

  • A machine born from years of studies and tests.

    Italrec's DEC is the the result of years of experimentation . In 2000 the Italrec Staff began the evaluation of the feasibility of this revolutionary project. Following multiple tests with a primordial machine created to simulate the reactions present inside the DEC plasticization chamber, in 2002 Italrec decided to to invest in prototyping its first densifier . The machine built was tested in the property with various materials in different conditions, also considered critical by the processing standards of the time. Large milestones and sometimes failures, led our designers to refinement of the machine arriving at the deposit of the request for Patent .

    Italrec's DEC has thus become the ideal machine for transforming waste material destined for disposal through an incinerator into reusable products in the steel industry, in molding and granulation.
    The reliability and the completeness of this machine, brought Italrec, 18 years after the first prototype , to celebrate the sale of the 40th Densification system launched on the market.

    • 40%

      residual workable humidity

    • 42

      Operating machines sold