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    A pivotal role in the material preparation lines is definitely the washing.
    This phase is essential to ensure the elimination of traces pollutants of various kinds such as dust, stones or contaminants of various kinds that derive either from the very origin of the plastics, from transformation processes or from storage systems.
    Although we can attribute a washing function to the flotation tanks or to the centrifuges, the dominant part of this phase is carried out by powerful and solid horizontal washing machines cold or vertical hot.
    The horizontal washing machines guarantee a final product with a high degree of cleanliness thanks to their functioning: in these machines, in fact, the material pre-ground is rubbed by the mechanical action of the special rotor, thus removing the more resistant dirty ; the latter do not require hot water or particular additives, ensuring considerable economic savings and a lower environmental impact .
    The vertical washing machines are designed for a hot wash action. They are used in special cases , for example for the elimination of residual adhesives from the labels present on the PET bottles , where the quality of the final product required is very restrictive, especially for food applications such as flake “B2B " (bottle-to-bottle).