2010 starts for ITALREC with a renewed site. After a year like the one just finished which has seen many companies, even if very qualified, facing heavy pressure we are even more convinced that energy saving has become paramount. The experience in plastics says that energy saving conflicts with their processing. Our long experience in platics processing has lead us to develop applications with excellent performances in terms of productivity but also reduced processing and maintenance costs. In fact the philosofy of italrec is: "the purchasing costs is ONE OFF, the running costs are EVERY DAY".

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italrec: the experiece applied to the technology

ITALREC srl starts in 2002 from the gathering of competences in engineering and in machinery supply in the business of plastics recycling. The hystory of italrec has strong roots in the field of plstics processing coming from its partners having over 25 years in these various aspects of the plastics business. These competences have lead to the development of machinery at forefront of technology already operating with significant results in energy saving and maintenance costs.

The densificator DEC

The DEC (continuous extruder densificator) is the result of a need from the market. Its concept starts internaly in ECOSAC (click here) where for years were recycled plastics and where a solution to drying and densification was under study. Gathering competences and after tests on prototype machines (click here) the DEC was conceived DEC (click here). A new concept of densification, which applies 3 concepts: pressure, friction and temperature. The product is forewarded by 2 corotating screws of 420 to 820 mm according to the size of the machine, squeezed and sheeted on a plate in special antiwear steel. The short chamber allows the moisture to come out from the feeding port. The melted product exits through a special valve, under patent, which will regulate the flow in a constant way, thanks to a serie of sensors and in automatic,allowing to obtain a homogeneous densified product