Who we are

ITALREC srl was born in 2004 from the combination of different professional experiences which merge till create a point of reference for all those subject searching for high level technical know-how and machines and turnkey plants for the recycling of plastic materials.

ITALREC story is however more rooted and owes its good fortune to the union between 30-year experienced recyclers and designers and manufacturers of machineries especially developed for improving the plastic recycling.

The peculiarity of the combination of these two different experiences has allowed an efficient understanding of both manufacturing and managing problems; play the double role of “manufacturer-user” brought to develop a wide range of turnkey solutions which can easily be adapted to whichever productive context, both at mid and at wide-range.

Taking advantage from this peculiar position, which particularly highlights the concrete problematics of the subjects of recycling sector, ITALREC has been able to develop a range of innovative machineries which marked great changes both in terms of energetic saving and in terms of maintenance managing.

IITALREC is nowadays a reference point for all those subjects who, independently from their dimensions or their structure, need to face the challenges coming from PLASTIC RECYCLING MARKET, constantly evolving and in ferment, also due to the new global situation.

Moreover, ITALREC is nowadays not only a reliable worldwide partner for those subjects involved in this specific market; thanks to a constant technical development, it has been able to find real innovative solutions even for some products outside the mere plastic market itself.

Not only then machineries and plants for HD, LD, PET, STYRENIC PLASTICS, but also PAPER PULPER WASTES, WEEE SCRAPS PLASTICS, DENSIFICATION for compounds and generic wastes.


“Nothing is created, nothing is destroyed, everything transforms.”

                                                                                                                         – A. L. de Lavoisier