Special Paper Mills

The plant for the treatment of the waste coming from the PAPER MILLS WASTE designed and manufactured by ITALREC is today the only sure, tested and certified system for solving a long-standing problem that paper mills must face daily: the huge managing costs connected to the landfilling of tons of wastes resulting from the scraps outgoing from paper and cardboard manufacturing.

The pulper waste is composed by several different elements coming from the particular process to which the mixture is subjected in the manufacturing plant, included different materials hardly compatible among them, till now practically non separable and so landfilled all together by paying, with sensible consequences on the company balance (an average paper mills usually can spend more than one and a half million euros per year).

Moreover, as the different materials till today were quite impossible to separate or properly dry by using traditional systems, from one side the transport freights were very high, due to the presence of the residual water, form the other lots of interesting materials were lost, both possible raw materials useful to the paper mills themselves (paper fibre), and valuable products to be possibly sold (polyolefinic plastics and metals).

By applying its know-how for what concerning sorting and separation of the wastes, coming from the experience in recycling plants, ITALREC has designed and manufactured a pant which allows to properly separate and recover the materials coming out from the paper manufacturing plant, sensibly reducing the percentages of waste and the consequent landfill charges.

Thanks to this solution we can proudly claim that, with some obvious differences case by case, more than 90% of what was previously considered as a waste can now easily be recovered or as a raw material to be directly reused by the paper mill itself, or as a material which can be given free or even sold.

The following table, issued according the data coming from one of our plants actually working, is an example of what it is possible to obtain by using an ITALREC plant for the RECYCLING OF PAPER MILLS PULPER WASTE.

Here below the complete process and the outgoing materials are shown: